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H&M Metals, LLC
ISO9001:2015 Certified

H&M Metals, founded in 1972, has evolved from a small sheet metal fabricator to a company that also manages a supply chain using a fully integrated manufacturing system, utilizing MRP, BOM’S, Routings etc. We have also developed offshore partnerships to provide fabricated assemblies and/or piece parts, from both main land China and Taiwan.


We are committed to providing our customers with cost effective, innovative design solutions, combined with an effective manufacturing process, resulting in a quality product delivered in a timely manner. We continually strive to improve our process in a profitable and environmentally responsible manner. 

Our spacious 100,000 plus square foot facility houses all of the manufacturing, finishing, and assembly needed to meet the requirements of most any type of metal fabrication, including electro mechanical assemblies.



Our eight CNC turret presses, along with one of the largest tool libraries in the industry, can help with your design and manufacturing needs. The forming of card guides, extrusions, embosses, and hinges, as well as tapping and counter sinking, can be done right in the CNC press, saving money and time. We offer to share our extensive library for use in your designs.



Hydraulic presses play an important role in our industry as well. We have 75 ton through 200- ton machines in a variety of bed sizes.

Hydraulic Presses from 75-200 tons (8)

Forming Dept. provides a full range of services

Our forming department features press brakes from the following manufactures: Di-Acro, Wysong, Niagara, Amada and Pacific, providing a full range of metal bending from 6 foot to 10 foot, 25 tons up thru 230 tons.



H&M has great emphasis on Process Control, we've learned over the years the key to building quality into the product is Process Control! Consistent monitoring assures quality product delivered to our customer's door.



Paint shop to handle large volume with our conveyor system or for small volume we have off line paint booths.  




H & M Metals Building

vipros king



Vibrating to assure smooth surface for paint

Installing Hardware

Forming Dept. provides a full range of services

Grinding welds into a smooth finish





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